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Bussines Inteligence

Qlik Sense for QlikView Developers is designed to enable Qlik Sense skills in those already familiar with QlikView. This technical course teaches the basics of Qlik Sense visualizations and data modeling.

Desarrollo Mobile

Course to learn the basics of Android programming using a fully practical methodology, where a small application will be developed from scratch to learn the full cycle.


Partnership of specialized training with GE GRID Solutions

Knowledge, laboratories, practices, live training, on demand courses, tutorials and more with just one click

Access to the Smallworld Training Center


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The Machine Learning world covers a large field within the Big Data universe and is increasingly relevant. The number of techniques and algorithms is very extensive and continues to evolve. The applications are unimaginable. However, it is not a future issue, the introduction of these techniques of Machine Learning in the phase of strategic decision making is practically an obligation today.

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AI is simply the automation of an optimal sequence of prescriptive analytic decisions. AI comes from the fact that it can take advantage of real-time feedback data to improve prescriptive analytic models so that the next prescribed decision is always better than the previous one. As companies have more information, their deep analytical understanding of AI will facilitate the development of more useful business applications and generate greater profitability.

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The Geomarketing has a great number of functionalities and benefits to take into account when looking to open a new store or office such as advanced recommendation algorithms, not forgetting the help of the space component where we can represent in a map internal information and also external information that will provide us with reasons to make the best decision

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