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Contribution of BI to SMB


At first, it may seem that Business Intelligence is not for a SMB, and may be due to several issues such as that a SMB can not allocate large amount of its resources, mainly in terms of cost and secondly in terms of dedication in time to unify the data, to treat them and later to transform them into information of value.

But you have to be aware that in order to make good decisions you have to deal with large amounts of information and just for this we can count on BI, which will allow us to obtain a series of insight that at first glance we are not able to detect and orient ourselves in which can be the steps to follow. For this reason, we can bring benefits such as:

In addition, the software is more accessible in terms of cost, as it is important to be able to take advantage of cloud technologies to make the project profitable and possible in terms of having to make a large initial investment, which is often the key factor to overcome.

The prior step to the acquisition of a BI system is to be clear about the purpose, to guide the use that we want to give to the system and previously to treat the data, as well as not to forget or neglect any stage of the data processing , from data management tasks to final visualization.

It should not be forgotten on the other hand, that as important as a correct choice of a BI system is to have a quality data with which to feed the systems, at the level of quantity of information.

Once a BI strategy is adopted, the company can begin to develop a series of marketing or sales strategies, for example with the same guarantees as large companies or the leaders in the sector.

And they will have control of them, they will be automated, they will have the possibility to be flexible and to change them if necessary because they will have an access to the reporting without waiting for the monthly reporting, and to be able to visualize the KPIs from any place.

And all this will be at your fingertips because BI tools give you the control and management of data as self – services tools and that will give to the company a total autonomy of management.




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