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In Ibertech we have created strong alliances with companies that complement and increase the added value of our services.

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General Electric Grid Solutions: Solutions Provider in Certified Training is one of our most ambitious projects in the area of training. An agreement to develop and implement an official model of global training where we are responsible for the design, maintenance, execution and delivery of training solutions for the Smallworld™ range of products.


Under the agreement with SAS, Ibertech is involved in consulting, design, implementation, commissioning and maintenance of its complete portfolio of solutions and tools.

Thanks to this agreement our experience in Data Management and Visualization is continuously growing…



In Ibertech we are Oracle partners in Brazil since 2014.

Among our services we are trained in asset management solutions, expanding our ability to provide the best solution for any business need of our customers.


In Ibertech we develop and implement service-oriented architectures (SOA) using WSO2 ESB, which make this range of over 20 products one of the most powerful and versatile in the market along with the rest of its components.

A versatile tool for a changing landscape.

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Based on our collaboration agreement with OrangeTM., We are dedicated to the treatment of mobile data generated by the mobile telemarketer OrangeTM, contributing our knowledge to the activity and mobility data collected in the rough.
We take care of the cleaning, transformation and visualization of the data to obtain segmented information and that provides a great value for decision making.

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By virtue of our agreement with Vertica at Ibertech we are dedicated to the implementation of projects related to BBDD adapted to the Big Data environment, where the words performance, scalability and analytics are essential.

With this agreement our experience in the field of Big Data, BBDD and advanced real-time analytics continues to grow.


In Ibertech we have an agreement with Arrow, which provides dealer services and leading business solutions in the ICT sector for the sale of Business Intelligence solutions and associated infrastructure.


Thanks to the agreement with Bonita Soft, Ibertech develops consulting works, implementation and deployment of BPM solutions (Business Process Management).



The agreement with Symantec allows us to provide security solutions with the world leader in this type of service. In Ibertech we add consulting services and support for Symantec products.


Thanks to our partnership agreement with IBM, we continue to grow in the analytic path.
We work on converting data into knowledge with secure decisions and quick actions through IBM analytics functionalities, services and products.


Thanks to the agreement with Estudio Qusha we are able to manage, treat and improve the brand image, both online and offline. This agreement allows us to improve our Marketing solutions in Digital Transformation environments, both strategic and operational.

After the agreement of the IT Service Delivery Framework in Time & Materials mode reached with T-System ITC Iberia, S.A.U; Ibertech is already an approved official supplier in terms of IT resources and training.
T-System is a German IT and consulting services multinational, leader in its sector, belonging to the German group Deutsche Telekom which, with more than 40,000 employees, offers a global supply capacity from its offices located in more than 20 countries.


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