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Technological Team&Material

Nuestro profundo conocimiento del mercado y nuestra experiencia nos permiten ofrecer servicios de outsourcing en TI centrándonos en los objetivos de negocio del cliente.

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At Ibertech we achieve a perfect symbiosis between a team of people innovators and the customer.


We’ve analyzed the activity to detect the customer’s technological needs and thanks to the skills of our human team, we completely adapt to the requirements of projects.

We maintain an active working relationship during the process to make a follow up of the evolution of the service, assure its quality and propose solutions during its evolution.

In Ibertech we have a perfect synergy between the work team and the customer. Our teams are motivated and highly specialized, which guarantee the quality and efficiency that outsourcing service provides for.

We have a team that innovate and remain in constant growth in developing their activities. Our team is composed of happy people to ensure the continuity of a service that generates a great added value for the customer’s business.


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