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Big Data, BI y Marketing Digital


In a changing world like ours, we can always rely on technology as an ally to deal with the changes that are suffering the companies in all sectors about processes. But focusing on specific areas in a company, we find that marketing have changed the most the processes or the way to act with the customers, even creating a complementary discipline such as digital marketing, where customers and users are digital.

This implies that the actions carried out by our customers leave traces on the network and, therefore, generate data that are analyzed in real time today and used by marketing departments to develop strategies in record time to reach the target selected.

Talking about data, analytics and customers, it seems that marketing, and specifically digital marketing, is a big beneficiary of both Big Data and Business Intelligence, because they reach a level that can not be achieved with traditional methods.

These technologies use a mathematical and statistical base that allows by algorithms and in real time, to treat important aspects for marketing like information of advertising campaigns, social media, mails, search engine, etc., being, on the other hand, the sources that nourish the systems of analysis very diverse, ranging from social networks to banners, or emails.

It seems clear, therefore, that BI and Big Data allow better experience for users and display ad-hoc content, being this messages transmitted more appropriate to our target. This implies more effective campaigns, with better conversion ratios and, ultimately, helps to achieve the objectives.

But, the best news is that today, by the level of effort and cost, these tools are available to any company and not just for a big companies, a situation that has changed with respect to a few years ago.

This type of solutions are very attractive, more so for B2B markets where there are more complex relationships and allow us to know more deeply the profile of the sectors where we want to enter and be able to carry out marketing actions focused on them.

The benefits that can be obtained seem clear because they came from the deeper knowing of our clients, being able from realize forecasting until marketing research.

If we combine Big Data with BI and Digital Marketing we will have as a result concrete actions and focused on our target who will feel the messages and contents that are shown are personalized and his experience as a user will be satisfactory since we have more accurate knowledge about him and finally we will get our objectives.




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