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Big Data, the new Tax Fraud enemy


The term “Big Data” is actually a fashionable term in the world of information. Currently, we have different sources, articles, magazines, etc. which speak of an urgent need by businesses and their IT departments to install systems able to manage this “concept”.

However, we continue seeing confusion with its meaning, because when asked about the Big Data meaning, answers are varied. Therefore, we remember that is called Big Data to “management and analysis of huge volumes of data that cannot be treated in a conventional manner”- This is due to a number of difficulties and / or limits on the capabilities of the software the companies use to manage their data.

Such confusion is due to the different kind of techniques that can be applied to Big Data. One of the last that is been discovered is their use as anti-fraud. The Tax Agency uses BI tools to analyse and manage data from different sources and to cross and relate them later, one of the main ideas to prosecute fraud (in an specific way, trying to develope behaviour patrons between cheaters, so that helps to identify new potential cheaters.

With this new acquisition is intended to create more alarm signals in computer systems in a more simple and reliable way to use and relate information from various data sources form.

One of the new capabilities that the Tax Agency has obtained acquiring a BI tool is that they are now able to cross automatically asset declarations, for example those involved in an inheritance (from the deceased to his heirs) and if it is detected that the data does not match, it will jump a warning signal to proceed to investigate with more detail an indication of possible fraud.

This is just one example of how BI tools can be used, in this case by the Tax Agency, who already has the ability, as another example, could cross the balances of the current accounts in Spain or abroad, data declaration, etc., and allow you to fully exploit other sources of information.

Thus, the Tax Agency increases its chances and strength their analytical capabilities to provide more management tools to process the entire volume of information available to all respondents. So the Big Data becomes the new enemy of tax fraud.




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