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Big Data and Geomarketing, Great allies


The Marketing and Sales areas of a company have always been interested in looking for information, and until now they get the answers from analytical systems, better known as BI or business intelligence that are based on analyzing Big Data, that is, large amounts of information.

On the other hand, there are more and more advanced Geomarketing tools on the market that are very easy and intuitive (click and drop) incorporate algorithms that allow optimization functions. Therefore, today it is not necessary to have mathematical experts or geographers so that the Marketing and Sales areas can find their answers.

If we talk about BI, it is a more settled term, with more traveled and known as well as its usefulness and the benefits that it brings to the companies in answering to questions of business. However Geomarketing is a term that is more recent and seems to have been very well received by business users because of its visual ease and the information it brings.

A fundamental aspect is to be clear what information is needed and be able to analyze the data in a correct way and visualize it in a clear way. It is common for a Big Data and BI project to be translated into a final dashboard with indicators or KPIs important for business. This is where the Geomarketing comes in, adding the spatial component, representing the data on maps.

Geomarketing brings added value, as it is the union of the geolocation and marketing and as a result, allows us to analyze and draw conclusions according to the spatial location. In order to carry out this type of analysis, GIS tools (geographic information systems).

A Geomarketing solution can provide us with a lot of valuable information for making strategic decisions and some of its features and characteristics are:

It is common to include different sources of information: B2B information (number of companies, level of activity, risk scoring), cadastre information (number of buildings, surface and value) as well as points of interest (hospitals, shopping centers, schools etc).

In some cases, both Sales and Marketing think that Big Data and Geomarketing are substitute, when they are totally complementary.

Running a Big Data and Geomarketing project will allow us not only to analyze data and draw conclusions that help us make strategic decisions, but also to make future predictions about our business.




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