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Big Data to Smart Data; departments who use them


We live in an era where any activity by an individual or society leaves a “digital” trail. Yes, we are talking about the digitization, which activities are involved, and produce a change in the importance of the information.

We are not exclusively talking about measuring data or having as many as possible of them. Since the start of Internet the number of bits (information) is growing exponentially and this requires a new approach. In fact, 43% of internet users said they felt overwhelmed by too much information.

How to act with the data and their management is what it is known as Big Data.

But, are all data in an organization useful? An organization will be more interested in using data if it provides added value and benefits outweigh the cost of the resources invested. For this reason, we want to create value, we look for “Smart Data“, understood as data that have evolved from a long list of disconnected numbers to become into valued information, useful to make decisions and planning actions.

Big Data and Smart Data have many uses, some of them with a particular use, like systems developing that can reduce congestion on the roads, using data from cameras, traffic and social media in order to be able to anticipate the big affluence of vehicles on our roads.

Every time more and more companies from different activity area will be attracted by the benefits that Big Data can provide them. It´s accepted that most of companies from different industries and activities are making data treatment but, who performs this treatment?

We can say that the favorite department for the use of this data is usually marketing (currently at 48% of companies the perform of predictive analysis is done by marketing). And the main reason is that Big Data provides insights that our eye cannot see but with the right treatment of data are visible for marketing lovers to analyze profiles, products, feed information to sales, make reporting and answer questions that previously were responded by experience or intuition.



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