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The use of Big Data in Medicine


At present, in the field of medicine, we talk about thr 4 P’s of medicine: preventive, and personalized medicine, which is also predictive and participatory. And it is in these areas where Big Data can play an important role in appearance as a correct diagnosis or treatment. We will face with new challenges and opportunities.

Practically no one doubts about the advantages of technology and Big Data or the capabilities and benefits they can bring to important sectors of society and health is one of them.

But exactly what can the world of data bring to medicine? Well, there are those who say that we are entering an era in which health and medical care will evolve into a concept known as Digital Health, which includes not only the tools and software but the own use that we will have to do of theme.

Our participation and the change in our daily life will be of great importance because we will be able to create these large volumes of data that will collect all the information that can be analyzed and that will be very useful to draw conclusions and improve the attention and make it more and more personalized.

The growing use of devices with sensors, such as mobiles, apps and other tools that are capable of collecting and generating information is one of the characteristics of the new “digital health”. This information can be used to perform statistics, strategies and even get to make diagnoses.

Having the ability to have a control of our health, in real time, enrich our medical history and to be able to contribute data through our devices like our habits, pulsations, exercises and a long etcetera it will be able to improve the efficiency and the medical attention that we can receive in a future.

We will be able to make statistics of our habits and be able to detect deficits and to attend to all those needs that are more urgent.

Applying different analytical techniques in medicine allows to correctly improve and evaluate the risks, to know the best treatment, to forecast stocks and, in short, to improve all types of procedures in relation to hospitals.




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