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IBM Watson Summit event

Ibertech was present at the IBM Watson Summit event on Tuesday, November 14, at the Municipal Palace of Congress in Madrid.

The conference was focused on IBM solutions with a cognitive-skills-oriented approach, provided by IBM Watson.

After an emotive first act of presentation, the plenary session began with the introduction of the event and the participation of speakers from important companies from different sectors. The vision outside the world of technology, about the cognitive abilities of the human being, also had a place.

During the event we could go to stands where aspects related to different “topics” were treated, such as:


In the different presentations we were able to observe and deal with these issues in depth with experts in the field. They talked about questions such as: how can digital transformation be faced, how important is it to design an appropriate technological architecture, or see a demonstration of how IBM Watson can interact with a human being, and respond to doubts that can be asked by a client.

Also, during the morning, presentations on 3 very interesting areas were made, which fully affect the world of data and are part of the topics of the raging news:



In resume, it was a great experience to go to the IBM Watson Summit, where we could listen and see demonstrations of how Watson is able to interact with people and provide solutions, thanks to the cognitive capacity developed by the manufacturer.

After all, the most important thing is people, and technology is just a mere ally to help us get to know the environment around us.


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