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Geomarketing applied to the opening of points of sale


The main feature of Geomarketing is that it allows you to make business decisions including one more variable, which is the spatial variable, thus allowing visual representation of relevant information on a map. This capability makes special sense in decisions as important as deciding where to open a point of sale.

For this reason, Geomarketiong becomes one of the tools to be used when opening a local, store or office, because it adds the space component to analyze information like customer data, competition, points of interest or potential traffic customers.

Up until now, the process to select a location was something that was done by the expansion department or similar in a Company. They had a list of potenctial áreas that was filtered by those that were available and then, in collaboration with the marketing department, characteristics of market research, surveys, public information and a decision was added.

However, today the market has changed, circumstances change rapidly and it is necessary to be able to have up-to-date information, to be able to include more decisive variables such as our competition, points of interest, rrss information, traffic and mobility …

It becomes clear that there is a need to update tools, decision times and above all to maximize profitability by basing the decision on accurate and current information.

Geomarketing helps us to map cause-effect relationships at points of sale and optimize sales results. It is essential to have information to cross different sources and also let us help by the functionalities and simplicity of geomarketing.

These tools have geographic displays where you can paint points of interest, paths or polygons, which is the most natural way of analyzing business results.

In order that geomarketing have an impact on turnover, the tool must have a number of functionalities, ranging from the most basic to complex algorithms.

    1. Basic: internal sources. Any geospatial tool must include information related to customers (segments, states, etc.) and sales (surface, evolution, billing level…)


    1. Basic: external sources. It is information related to the environment, that is to say, points of sale, income level, unemployment rate, average expenditure, etc. To do this, ideally use sources of information as up-to-date as possible and georeferenced.             It is also almost essential to have the location of the competitors’ points of sale, enriched with information regarding the price.


  1. Advanced: algorithms. It is the information we have as a result of the treatment of basic data and internal sources, where we have used algorithms to provide metrics around:

In short, Geomarketing has a great number of functionalities and benefits to keep in mind when looking to open a new store or office and provide us with reasons to make the best decision.




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