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Artificial intelligence without limits


The world of Artificial Intelligence reaches new goals with intelligent devices that can learn from the customer´s behavior.
Thanks to these advances we are closer to the moment that futurists call “singularity” and refers to the moment when the machines surpass the human´s intelligence.

AI is a recurring theme in the entertainment´s world with the figure of robots with superhuman intelligence. If this situation come true look logical thinking about concern and about an uncertain future. There are two opposite theories, the first one describes an adverse scenario where AI can carry a threat; and the second one, where optimism and technological development become an aid to the progress of humanity with the assistance of AI.

This vision of AI does not seem close, but it is a more plausible future vision and it is about the arrival of a point where AI can replace us in the labor market.

To understand AI in a way that helps to improve business, we must start with a term that is familiar with business intelligence (BI). Over the years BI has evolved to include three basic types of analysis:



Prescriptive analytics in advanced BI can recommend actions to optimize business processes, marketing effectiveness, ad targeting, and many other business operations.

From prescription to automation

BI systems continue to evolve with the sum of predictive and prescriptive analysis but it remains a passive tool to support business decision-maker. Regardless of what the analytic suggests, it is the human who have the last word on what to do.

Imitation of Human Brain Processes

Today’s large data infrastructures using graphics processing units (GPUs) have brought bundles that unleash the creativity of data science and have given them the freedom to use more sophisticated models.

Some models are designed to mimic processing within the human brain, such as deep learning networks that contain many hidden layers of neurons and recurrent neural networks that mimic the effects of memory.

As a result, automated learning can now train models to produce results that match those obtained by human experts.
This ability to make human decision-making seem superfluous. The automation of decisions and their subsequent execution is the essence of AI.

In fact, automation is only the first step. The ability to perform the following actions correctly in a constantly changing world is what makes you smart. It requires AI to take advantage of real-time feedback loops that let you learn from each experience and be smarter with every decision you make.

How to take advantage of AI? Organizations need to think about their business processes, the decisions and actions they want to automate, and the feedback data they need to provide to make their AI smarter.




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