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CIO faces the Digital Transformation


We have to face the current stage of digital transformation that many companies are going through. But what charge is responsible for it?.

For without a doubt the CIO will be responsible part in this process. The computer or systems manager must lead this transformation and lead your company towards organizational success. For this reason, it is necessary that the CIO realises that can not leave aside aspects as vital as the competition of the sector, speed and omnicanality.

We can talk about three technological challenges that encompass the impact of digital transformation:

The CIO through technology must boost innovation and help increase productivity by creating new business models. It will be the figure that determines this innovative pace and try to always go one step ahead.

The Digital Transformation will not stop and is in constant evolution, therefore, the CIO becomes one of the key figures and has to have in addition a clear knowledge of the business processes and the sector.

According to a report from IT User, “the CIO has to face the adoption of a whole set of new technologies, supported by its partners and partners, while maintaining core business systems.” The changes implemented from technology´department must be aimed at supporting the needs and new business opportunities that arise.

A great responsibility for a profile that has had to progress and that has to meet a series of characteristics and skills that not all IT managers count on. This development means that, in addition to the usual technical skills and know-how, a deep understanding of the business and “understanding how technologies can transform your business and lead the process”.

Some of the activities that must be faced are the following:

Thus having a professional with a technical profile but with analytical skills and a deep knowledge of the business, its processes and needs of the sector will be the key to be able to face the process of digital transformation with the maximum guarantees.




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