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Monetization in the online gaming industry

Analyzing the world of the gaming industry, we observe how a revolution is happening in recent years in relation to how to monetize. Games on social networks are available to everyone and are available on different mobile platforms. This translates into a market that we can consider in constant growth and that makes online gaming industry a very attractive sector.

Here we must differentiate the traditional games of the online game, because they have different ways of monetizing because the reasons of who, how and why the consumers play are different.


Monetization of the game

Until a few years ago, the world of video games was based on a subscription-based model, which consisted of an initial payment and a monthly subscription. This business model changes to one where a free trial version and freemium models are offered.

Another way to monetize is through online advertising, offering spaces within the game to advertise, with advertising optimization being a crucial factor.

With this model of monetization the analysis is increasingly relevant to identify the segments of players, how they play, the propensity to purchase, etc.

Similarly, another factor to be highlighted in the industry is gamification, that is, designing the game in such a way that the player’s behavior is incentivized to perform or achieve certain actions. The gamification introduces elements such as tables, badges, trophies or credits to reward a behavior that is desired.

The great barrier to this type of analysis is the limitations in terms of databases that existed, since they were not designed to hold such a large volume of information where real-time analysis is required.

New technologies and non-relational databases where it is possible to analyze larger data volumes allow these analyzes.

These new databases do not require a schema and can handle structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, allow adding additional data at any time and can be immediately available for analysis.

Now that it is possible to segment the base of a player and can be assigned a propensity in real time, and design in terms of product and marketing strategy that is wanted individually.

Within the industry, mobile and social games have been pioneers in the adoption of this type of technology for their databases, analysis and data mining solutions.

The analysis of player data allows to understand why a player leaves the game and optimize the retention of players with the same profile. It is also useful for the strategy of generating advertising and sales of own articles within the games to improve the experience and satisfaction of the player.

In short, the analysis of data from specialized games and analysts focused on incorporating Big Data technologies to discover player behaviors will be key in the next years of the industry



The evolution of technology in the gaming industry allows new opportunities to apply advanced data analysis and know the player’s behavior in real time to optimize monetization.

Big Data technologies and new databases to discover insights will mark the way forward in the next years of the industry.






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