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What is Data Lake? Data storage


In the digital age, the volume of information that companies and organizations handle is increasing. Managing it can be costly, but if you don´t used the information, it loses its value. How can we solve it?

“The biggest challenge facing organizations today is how to handle the burst of data growth,” Says Alfredo Meneses, spokesman for Big Data – Greenplum for Mexico and northern Latin America for EMC. Not for less. In the digital age, data is everywhere and multiplied per second. Information is valuable and, given that expanding volume, the problem is how to organize it to maximize it and not waste it.

It is in this sense that the terms “Big Data” and “Data Lake”, are coined. As its name implies, “it comes to be like a large lake, where fish of different colors and sizes coexist. Now, applied to the data, it consists of grouping all the information in a single repository, also including the unstructured data”, whis is the difference with BI: “With BI, you collect the unstructured information from different sources, filter it and order it to finish storing it. With data lake, you collect and store it, but not clean it, not altering the original.”

Data is dumped by organizations and retrieved when it´s needed. Only at that moment are they given an order and a structure that allows their subsequent analysis. It is complemented by the idea of ??a building that is built on the basis of information; from Data Lake the materials are obtained.

Then, comes the first concept, Big Data, which refers to the structure where these large volumes of data are stored. From the analysis of the information, it is possible to draw up a public policy, to delineate a marketing strategy and even to predict the evolution of a disease in the population.

“The first step in building a Data Lake business architecture and becoming a data-driven enterprise is the storage and archiving of all types of data indefinitely,” advises Meneses. “This is difficult and costly with traditional approaches,” he adds.

There are different companies offering “data lake” services, which are a way to lower costs, since information is processed only when it is required.

The data are strategic, which means that in order to sustain a business or to make a public policy or campaign successful, it is crucial to have an adequate structure with which to understand its content and to apply it in decision-making. If in the digital age, data are produced and reproduced, modern organizations need to adapt so that they are also useful in their own interest and that of citizens and consumers.



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