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Challenges of BI: impacts in the companies


The irruption of the world of data and analytics in our companies is a fact, the data are now more important than ever “the data is gold” and for this we rely on the Big data, but we must not forget that BI´s aims is to increase business knowledge, but not only by increasing data, we also have to change and adapt our processes.

According to the TDWI report in 2013, 57% of companies have some type of relationship with Business Intelligence or Big data, being the greatest difficulties in implementing them the lack of skills and complexity in integration within the company .

Therefore, it is necessary for companies having professionals familiar with Big Data technology to meet the needs. Today, we are not just talking about companies in the technology sector or large companies, because any company can use the data to design an optimal strategy.

In short, Big Data is a reality and more and more companies are trying to take advantage of the options offered and put this technology at the service of your company.

As Big Data and BI are installed in our day to day, companies must change and adapt to the way business units work. Some changes are:

1. New skills. Different types of professional profiles, such as business analysts, financial analysts, marketers, etc., are all needed and accommodated, all profiles that deal with data to discover insights.

2. Adapted BI tools. We need tools that allow us to perform the analysis needed to process the data, which have a larger volume and can be structured or not. Until now, the analyzes could be carried out using office tools, but the trend is increasingly towards very self – service tools made for end – users.

3. Reporting more and more immediate. The aim is to ensure that analyzes are increasingly fast and flexible and that the time we spent doing recurring tasks is the least possible. Here we talk about process automation.

4. Take into account the relevant information. Lately, many companies choose to have data lakes, where the information that is often stored is not going to be analyzed just by having it and used as a “tailor’s box”.

5. Integration of information. The goal of Big Data is to feed the data information systems for later analysis, so we have to have systems that allow us to do that integration. This process can be more or less complex depending on the type of our data.

6. Change Culture. In order to take advantage of the Big Data benefits, we must first make a change in the organizational culture, make the importance of the data understand and not to oppose against the results that we can obtain if they are not what we expected at the beggining or change the form of act of the company.




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