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Digital transformation in the field of Tourism


The way to consume information and, ultimately, the way we inform ourselves is changing thanks to all the advances in technology and the new way of communicating of the companies, that is to say, thanks to the well-known digital transformation.

Tourism is one of the sectors within our economy where Big Data has opened new ways to communicate and above all offer its services, offers, messages, etc. to the customers in recent years.

And it is at this point that we are faced with one of the challenges today, and it is the importance of having real professionals who, being knowledgeable about the tourism sector, are also aware of trends, technologies and, in short, adapt to our digital age.

And is that the use of Big Data in tourism will give the ability of professionals in the industry to analyze the data generated by customers and transform them into information that provides added value when making decisions. We talk about information about your interests, hobbies, movements and in real time.

Some examples of these key variables for companies in the tourism sector are:

A differential value of the collection, treatment and use of this type of data is that they are real data, that is to say, they are not based on surveys, they are totally objective and the conclusions that can be extracted are more precise because we speak of facts.

The result obtained from the treatment of the data can be explained as an X-ray of the electronic behavior or activity in the network of the consumers in the tourist sector.

The Big Data and Tourism report, written by RocaSalvatella and Telefónica in 2014, refers to Big Data as a key technology within the tourism sector to analyze consumption habits through the actions they carry out.

The challenges we face from now on may be some of the following:

– Combine traditional architectures with new Big Data management.
– The gap between the large number of tourism companies and the number of professionals with knowledge of Big Data.
– Define the degree of privacy of the client in terms of their data and responsible use of them.

A consequence of the evolution of the Big Data is the achievement of smart cities, that is to say, cities where there is implemented a certain infrastructure that allows to increase the experience of the tourists. We are talking about connected sensors that capture data before, during and after the clients’ time of stay. This would facilitate quick decision-making.




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