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Big Data and The Moments of Truth


We understand Customer Intelligence as a part of business intelligence that is focused on interacting with our consumers. Customer Intelligence studies the behavior of the consumer and needs companies to innovate and have the appropriate technological tools to carry out this research work of consumers.

By the behavioral habits of customers today, the customer demands that information be available and in “real time” from anywhere so that their experience as a consumer is positive.

The key is to identify the omnicanality of customers and to have a working environment that allows identifying the right channel to impact at any time, always providing value to the customer, keeping the focus on the customer and not on the product.

We are in a moment in which the volume of information is enormous and although it does not surpass the capacity to store the information, it exceeds the capacity of management. The difference between companies that go further in the process of digital transformation and the rest of companies is the ability of to analyze only the information that is really useful. Here we can introduce the concept of Jan Carlzon that is known as the “Moments of Truth”, that means, manage the critical contacts between the company and the consumer “One to One”.

According to this idea, companies should implement adapted models that allow them to respond to the multiple channels through which they can interact with the consumer and all the possibilities offered by the digital age.

This is where companies make use of the benefits and potential of Big Data, running departmental processes where the priority is to identify a customer contact opportunity (a moment).

We have a multitude of channels to interact where the customers leaves a trace, but also leaves us their experience, their comments, etc and by analyzing the bidirectional conversation that we have has with the client and not their footprint we achieved a descending process.

That is to say, we talk about adapting the concept of Big Data so that it goes in the same sense as the idea of ??the “moment of truth”, from the analysis of moments of contact to the exploitation of the data.

More and more companies are looking for the active listening of the customer and improving their customer experience because it impacts on new business opportunities.

So, should companies implement solutions based on Big Data?

The answer is yes. But previously it is necessary to evaluate for what and how they will use the great volume of data that will store. The value of this information will only be useful applied in real time, if it is oriented towards the “moments of truth” faced by companies, to know better and reach the target and being able to act immediately.




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